Die Futurepreneur Show

The Corona crisis has turned our lives upside down. Ali Mahlodji and Samuel Koch, entrepreneurs and optimists about the future, believe in the potential of each individual, which is needed in challenging times.


podcast infinite mindset

Infinite Mindset takes a look behind the scenes of well-known personalities from various fields such as politics, business or the media world. Which events in life have shaped their mindset? How do they deal with challenges? How do they work on their own future? These and many other questions should help the listener to learn for their own life and to sharpen their own mindset.


1st book

A book about the world of tomorrow that’s already here and what young high potentials know about it that we do not know. Student lobbyist and digital entrepreneur Samuel Koch dispels misunderstandings about acceleration, progress and privacy, designs a school for teachers where students teach and presents an optimistic digital utopia.


wizhub – the future of education

WizHub is an international Education-Campus, aimed at providing the best higher education for young talents, entrepreneurs and digital leaders. At WizHub we not only teach young people the professional skills they need to succeed in business life (coding, design, biz dev etc.), but also focus on value-based character-formation (mindfulness, leadership, sustainability) and social skills for each of our students. We strongly believe in the power of a true symbiosis between well educated hearts, minds, and hands.



Galacta is a global online provider of digital skills. We are passionate about developing people and organisations to master the age of change. We have carefully crafted our Bitmaster Digital Minds, bringing in years of experience and knowledge, to provide you with the best qualification on digital transformation.


austrian startup challenge

The Startup Challenge Austria is an ecosystem and platform for young people who are or want to become entrepreneurs. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen and promote entrepreneurial activities of young people throughout Austria. Our dream is to work with a young and courageous community to tackle the social challenges of our time without complexities and to bring about real change.

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